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RegGeek Event Management

Putting the Power and Control into the Event Manager's hand.

The Platform

The REGGEEK platform offers a unique solution where users can manage their events themselves but also take advantage of services from Online Experience through the Onsite Experience.

We give the planner control over the marketing piece of the process.

RegGeek Registration

Centralized solutions

  • One login for Attendees and Exhibitors to all their events - past, present and future.
  • Centralized event platform for all your event needs.
  • Easy to build registration pages and event sites.
  • Simple group registration functionality.
  • Detailed reporting with the critical information you need.
  • Full Session Management from Call to Papers to Onsite Sessions.
  • Mobile friendly event pages.
  • Set up your site and go live in minutes.
  • Powerful and intuitive tools at your fingertips.
  • Total customization of your event branding.
  • Easy Membership management functionality.
  • Integration with Social Media platforms.
  • Promote Sponsorship and Exhibit Sales with one simple toolkit.
  • Competitive and value based pricing.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Versatility with options for online or in person support.

RegGeek Dashboard
RegGeek Dashboard Button

Customizable Dynamic Event Dashboard

Customize every part of the registration process and get detailed reports exactly the way you need and want to see them.

RegGeek Dashboard Images
RegGeek Dashboard

RegGeek Checkmark Detailed and customized reporting

RegGeek Checkmark Year over year history reporting

RegGeek Checkmark Keep a close eye on your ROI with our budgeting module

RegGeek Checkmark Search for registrations records with filters

RegGeek Checkmark Create email campaigns and send out additional marketing content or announcements about your events

RegGeek Registration Icon
RegGeek Registration Button

Freedom for your clients

Give your clients the ability to edit their records, make corrections, see badge previews, and add additional products and attendees. Putting the power in their hands to make simple changes.

RegGeek Registration Pages Sample
RegGeek Group Registration

RegGeek checkmark Detailed and customized reporting

RegGeek checkmark One main contact can handle the needs of the entire group

RegGeek checkmark Pay for everything in one single transaction

RegGeek Registration SupportIcon
RegGeek Registration Support Button

Stellar Customer Service

RegGeek Checkmark Chat for Event Managers on the Admin site

RegGeek Checkmark Chat for Attendee/Exhibitors on the Registration sites

RegGeek Checkmark Support when you need it from a team that knows events